Wednesday, October 3

I want to make out with this dress

I kinda can't stop looking at this dress...perfect for a kooky artist having a solo show right? I don't think I could pull it off though. If I could pull it off, I would pair with with matching cuffs, like Shira. Totally.

See, now this is a great example of something I would not have posted before because this dress is very expensive! How many of you are clicking the link and gasping? I am not buying it, but I also don't have to justify how I spend my money to anyone. Right? I really enjoy high fashion, a lot, and I will be rubbing it all over this blog from now on. So everyone put away your judgmental faces, and slip on your window shopping faces. mkay.


  1. hahahahahahahaha! I love it too, Michelle!

  2. When you do get this dress we want photos

  3. That is pretty pimp ass. It could give me a headache. But it's sweet anyway.

  4. no! you don't have to justify how you spend your money to anyone. you should celebrate your success and treat yourself however you like. and the dress is really beautiful. and would look lovely along side your paintings should you decide to splurge.

    I've been spending the morning catching up with your blog. (its a long unimportant story) but my computer with all my bookmarks for awesome blogs has been unavailable for the last few months and so I haven't read your updates since late June. :( and catching up with you and your art is making my day.

    I think you are amazing and I love love love your art.

    just wanted to say "hi".


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